Michelle & Ruby the Boxer

Ruby Boxer

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into Ruby last week. she was out with me all weekend and was an absolute pleasure. I can now say I have finally bonded with my dog…. I have let myself fall in love with her….I wasn’t allowing myself to do this as was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep her…. the most important requirement I have of any dog I own is that I can have effective control when out in public. any dog I have is family…. and goes everywhere with me.. it says on the back of infin8 that it teaches respect….. I was sceptical…. but it really does… she is a totally different dog now! even when not using infin8. its like she has learnt some valuable lesson or something. so once again, thank you! I am so happy!!!! and busy planning all the wonderful adventures Ruby and I can do together…


Sam & Plato

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Sarah and Greg at Hound Habits for taking such good care of Plato for the weekend whilst we had a little holiday. To know that our pampered pooch was in such good hands, and receiving the texts and photos every day, really helped when we were missing our fur baby! We met you after having very bad and nearly irreversible treatment from another dog trainer when Plato was only 9 weeks old. The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) recommended you, and we loved your puppy class and learnt so much. Plato (and mum and dad!) responded to your positive, easy to follow training techniques and your obvious love of dogs! I cannot recommend Hound Habits highly enough to anyone who has a fur baby of their own. Thanks Sarah and Greg and a big lick from Plato (currently asleep on the deck after a fun weekend with you!) xx


Chris & Flex

Hey Sarah, thought I’d give you a quick progress report on how Flex is going with his anti-social behaviour!

Leash walks are now far more successful after putting into effect all your recommendations. Being aware of what to do to remain in control of the situation has been a blessing and that guidance is exactly what Jenni & I were needing.

Today we were even able to walk him with another dog with Flex setting the example of appropriate behaviour!! Closer interactions are a ways off yet, but we are definitely on the right path.

Many thanks again,
Chris, Jenni & Flex.

Sarah with Bella & Diego

What do you do when your life is to hectic to hang with your dogs – CALL HOUND HABITS! I have so much university work to do at the moment so I called Greg who was more than eager to take my pups away for the day (for the 2nd time). Here are some of the happy snaps of Bella and Diego that were sent to me 

I would highly recommend Greg from Hound Habits to anyone – my dogs absolutely love going with him in his groovy van, you can tell that he has a pure love for the four legged kind and I am constantly updated all day with what they are up to!

So Brisbane people – Listen Up! Call Greg from hound habits TODAY if your puppy is stuck at home while you are at work or your life is currently too hectic to play with them, you will not regret it! 


Rachael & Hunter

“Hunter is fast asleep on the couch, your a godsend! Thank you!” (Hunter does Doggy Day trips once a week)


Belinda & Moses


We met Sarah the day after getting our first puppy in August 2011. She encouraged us to come to puppy pre-school so we promptly enrolled. Puppy Pre-school with Hound Habits was so informative and helpful. Neither my husband nor I had owned a dog before and felt we really didn’t know what we were doing with our puppy! Puppy preschool changed all that and we started to feel like more confident dog owners. Sarah or Greg were there to answer any questions we might have and also to give us good guidelines to follow to have a well-behaved dog. We ended up doing puppy preschool twice with them – and we are so glad we did as our dog now is very social (at the beginning he was very timid). We continued on with Hound Habits for Obedience Classes, and after graduating we continue to go every week for a reduced fee. Obedience is a social activity that we find is so good for our dog. Obedience classes did not always go to plan for us (!) but Sarah and Greg were there to help and to give good tips. I always like that they give you a few ideas, so you can choose which one works for you. Our dog (Moses) also goes to their house for Day Care and also for Holiday Care. He is a sensitive little fellow – so it’s nice to know he is with people he trusts and also that we trust.  (He also has a ‘thing’ for Turais and Xerxes – (Sarah and Greg’s dogs!) I cannot thank Hound Habits enough for the guidance and help over the past year and a half – not only that, but the feeling of community is a large positive in attending a Hound Habits class. Thank you! Belinda, Raph and Moses

Maddy & Bonny

Puppy Pre-School

Even though we have had dogs before and been to other puppy preschools, nothing compares to the training our puppy and us as parents got from attending Hound Habits puppy pre-school. We received plenty of tips on how diet would change our new puppy’s energy levels and temperament, got the benefit of years of experience and training. It gave our puppy the opportunity to socialise and learn how to play gently with puppy play and also armed us with the basic tools to teach our puppy basic obedience. I have no hesitation in recommending Hound Habits to everyone I know.

Doggy Day Trips

Our dog absolutely love this unique service offered by Hound Habits. Not only do we have the peace of mind of knowing that our dog is being looked after by someone who loves her as much as we do, but we get regular picture and video updates. We no longer have to feel guilty about leaving her at home when we work a full day and our dog comes home completely exhausted after hours of playing with her new friends. The convenience of this door to door service and the peace of mind is second to none.

Obedience Training

Walking our dog is now actually enjoyable, thanks to the obedience training from Hound Habits. We took our dog to obedience training straight after puppy school which meant she got to continue on with her puppy friends. Obedience training means that our dog will now come when she is called – even when she’s distracted at the dog park, she doesn’t pull on her lead making walking fun! A big thank you to Hound Habits for sharing their knowledge with us!

Steph Petbarn Kenmore

Sarah love’s Poppy (my dog)  just the same as I do, and she take into consideration each dogs personality.. Poppy always has a good time and I know I can trust her, I love getting the text messages and pictures of her too. (Poppy comes on holiday care when steph and her mother go away)

Dana & Barney

Our baby came early and we found ourselves with a new born and a very demanding Jack Russell puppy.  I was convinced that I would have to find Barney a new home until the vet put us in touch with Hound Habits.  I had several concerns about Barney’s behaviour which Sarah addressed with some very simple solutions I would never have thought of.  Also, she was able to take Barney for a short time to let us get on with welcoming our baby into our home.  Improvements in Barney’s behaviour were noticeable straight away and we now have a lovely dog who is best mates with our little boy.  They go everywhere together, Barney is very patient with our little boy – even when he is not so gentle, he walks very nicely alongside the pram.  Thanks Hound Habits – without you, we would have missed out on seeing this friendship blossom because poor Barney would have had to find a new home.