Puppy School

Puppy School is the most IMPORTANT step you will undertake in dog training.

This is imperative training for dogs ages 8 – 16 weeks (at start date) ONLY 1 vaccination needed!

Jindalee Puppy school Thursday 7-8pm
CANNON HILL PETBARN Sunday 1130-1230pm
KENMORE PETBARN Sunday 930-1030am
SPRINGFIELD Petbarn Tuesday 615pm
Only 1 Vaccination Needed! Yes thats right!!!
Windsor Petbarn 2-3pm Sunday
Even if you only take ONE thing away from the 5 week puppy school you have spent your money well! Hopefully you will get more than that but remember,    even if you have another dog at home,    OR you have “friends with dogs” you can never replicate the other social aspects of puppy school that HOUND HABITS will create! These include controlled positive…

  • Socialisation with a wide range of adults & children
  • Socialisation with Petstore and Grooming staff
  • Socialisation with people of many cultures, races as well as with glasses, hats, sounds and noises (sounds weird but important!)
  • Socialisation with hot, shiny, noisy things, plus thunder & firework desensitisation
We also teach you …
  • Appropriate Punishments
  • How to punish without the puppy rebelling
  • Toilet training methods
  • Nutrition training with the most updated knowledge on daily food & treats
  • Luring & hand signals obedience training
  • Timing and when to use food methods – and when to move forward
  • Grooming shampoos brushes and skin issues options, positive grooming techniques
  • Q & A on all topics and issues we come across in the course
  • Lead walking an all training aids
  • The trainer has the MOST up to date training on all walking aids
  • Photos on Facebook
  • Graduation certificate for ALL puppies
  • Medication talk
  • Interactive dog toy talk
  • Separation anxiety tips so you dont have issues later in your dogs life
  • What to do for the future

Puppy Schools Location & Times please text sarah


Week 1 is Puppy Free

Weeks 2-5 are puppy contact

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