Puppy Training

Owning a puppy is SO exciting!

It is also a huge commitment for the lifetime of the dog. If you want to create a dog that is the “best dog you ever owned” then a Puppy School with Hound Habits Dog Training is a must for the new addition to your family. See our testimonials for just how happy our clients have been this year!

Our beliefs are …

    • No hands used in punishment
    • No forceful training
    • Luring and hand signals obedience
    • Leadership & guidance training instead of… the old dominance 80’s style training
    • We are Australian Pet Dog Trainer members
    • Dogs sleep with the family
    • We work with what you want & believe too!
    • No puppies wearing correction chains

Puppy School $95-$150

Private Puppy School $165

Puppy Set Up at Home $85