Puppy Play $10

Hound Habits love and use Greencross Kenmore for all puppy needs

Hound Habits run a casual puppy play session EVERY Week. The area is cleaned with F10sc so is totally safe for unvaccinated puppies.

Is designed for puppies aged 8-22 weeks (depending on size) and is great for those who

  • Are too busy for puppy school but know socialisation is imperative to a balanced dog before it’s 18 weeks
  • Have been to another puppy school they were unhappy with
  • Have found their dog has only met big/small breeds and wants some variety
  • Have to budget now they have their new puppy
  • Want some quick tips for basic puppy questions
  • Dont want to lock into anything permanent as they are too busy

Just SMS a quick “im coming” 15 mins before to 0414553326  if you want to attend. We will also require at least ONE vaccination and vaccination papers the first time you come.

Yes only $10 a session!


Raining? This couse is run outside in the vet courtyard,

so if its really wet that day it will not run

puppy play cancelled if raining

        SMS / CALL 0414 55 33 26 to check