Puppy Home Set Up

New Puppy at Home?

This is Great for…

    • New Puppy at Home
    • New puppy to meet the older dog
    • Your first dog ever
    • Your first puppy ever
    • You cant wait till puppy school starts
    • You want to set up properly before the puppy arrives
    • Remember this is a great compliment before the puppy arrives or before puppy school but does not take the place of puppy school.

This is a 1.5 hr service that costs $95 & includes within catchment area or $125


Toilet Training
Bed Location
Feeding Arrangements
Crate Training Info
Leaving the Puppy Alone
+ Sit, Stay, Come & Name recognition

*Cancellations must be made with more than 24hrs notice otherwise the client will be charged the full fee of the first hour. If booked within the same calendar week then the charge will be lifted.