In Home Behaviour

Behavioural Services Cover

Behaviour is very different than obedience, this is where the dog is doing things around the home that are making your life difficult! Don’t make excuses for your dog, make the behaviour extinct!

    • Toileting inside after 22 weeks of age
    • Agression dog to dog
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Barking
    • Agressive play
    • Integrating a new puppy with the older dog
    • Digging
    • Destruction
    • Nervous Behaviour
    • Food aggression
    • Anything your embarrassed about your dog doing in public!
    • What do we do? Talk about what has happened, Sarah will type you up a plan and get you to start changing your human behaviours to help your dogs anxieties and unwanted behaviours!

This service has 2 price options.

$120 for the first hour and charges in 15 min increments after 60 mins.

$200 for 2 ONE HOUR session paid UPFRONT

*Cancellations must be made with more than 24hrs notice otherwise the client will be charged the full fee of the first hour. If booked within the same calendar week then the charge will be withdrawn.

These prices are for within my catchment

$25 per session out of this bayside area