What if none of these services suit me?

Call Sarah for a chat about how we can help. Because we are not a franchise we can do almost anything!

When do I stop feeding puppy food?

At 1 year for a dog under 25kgs and between 18-24 months for a dog over 25kgs.

Can I get a refund if I miss a class?

No. We will give you credit to come to the class you missed in the next course.

Can I use my Doggy Day Trip prepay when ever I want?

No. You must use it as it is structured. If you want to go now & again you will have to pay per session. Sorry.

Can I bring my older dog to puppy school?

Generally no, however if the dog is social and can be tied outside the puppy training area or left in the groom salon then yes. This is only really acceptable if you are coming direct to obedience class after puppy school with your older dog.