Crate Training

What is Crate Training?

Well think of is this way….

  1. You sleep in a crate (your bedroom)
  2. You live in a crate ( your house)
  3. You drive a crate
  4. Your fence is a puppy pen
  5. The CRATE is a prediction tool

Crate training is normal and natural to help you and your puppy transition to a happier life with you.

Hound Habits can do crate Training for $60 per hour

Crate training doesn’t have to be forever either. What are the benefits of crate training?

  1. Toilet training is faster
  2. Sleeping is easier
  3. Chewing on the incorrect things is cured
  4. Going to the vet and on holidays is easier
  5. The dog can see who is the pack leader and where they are in the pack
  6. The dog can’t kill itself in a crate
  7. The dog is more settled in general from crate training
  8. The dog is far more eager to please YOU when out of the crate
  9. Separation anxiety is banished
  10. The dog learns independence and to play alone
  11. Travel is more fluent

How can I make my crate fun and my dog love his crate?

  • Feed most meals in the crate in his kong
  • New toys in the crate
  • Open the crate just before the dog finishes his meal
  • Sleep little sessions in the crate in the day so night time is normal (yes, just like a baby!)
  • Throw treats in the crate
  • Bring the crate in the car, the puppy school and puppy play
  • Have his favourite bed in there in the day and towels at night incase of an accident
  • Have the crate beside your bed and pop him in there when he is tired
  • Every 2 days move the crate 1foot closer to the desired spot for the future
  • Play and groom in the crate
  • Buy the DVD “Crate Games” by Susan Garret

What happens if he is bad in the crate?

  • Throw a heavy blanket over the crate
  • When he is quiet lift it off half way
  • If he cries again say AAHAAH and cover the crate fully
  • What if he is so loud it sounds like he is being murdered? (little dogs)
  • With a very well ventilated garage and the windows down a peep the crate in the car in the garage is very quiet to the outside world
  • PERSIST it pays off

What to NEVER do when crate training

  1. NEVER go to, open, “calm” the puppy when he is sad or crying in the crate EVER
  2. Dont put water in the crate
  3. Dont put puppy pads in the crate
  4. Dont put it where its a high traffic area where the puppy can see you all the time
  5. Never talk sing or baby voice the puppy when he is crying in the crate
  6. Try and keep sessions in the crate short

What sort of crate should I buy?

  • For a puppy a wire crate is best – unless you like washing a lot and the smell of wee
  • For a crate trained adult dog a soft crate is a good back up and great for the beach and training in the field
  • An airline crate is ok, but the best is wire so the puppy can see out when good